Our Process

Our phased, comprehensive process typically takes 7-8 weeks, depending on various factors.

Strategic Planning – We begin with a strategic planning session via phone or sit-down to identify your goals and overall message for the project.

Pre-Production – During this phase we create the structure, build a proper narrative for the story, write the script and interview questions, and determine the staffing and equipment needed for the project.

Filming – When production begins, we send a crew of capable, professional and experienced film makers and storytellers to capture all of the audio/video required.  This can take as little as 3 hours and as much as 3 weeks, depending on the project.

Post-Production – One or two standard review sessions allow our partners to provide feedback and collaborate on the final cut of the project.

Distribution –  Now we are ready to distribute, in theaters, online and/or DVD!



DJI Pantom

Cameras & beardo

Camera Setup







Globe Trek Productions are shot on the same cinematic Canon DSLR Cameras that Hollywood uses on films like Act of Valor, Captain America, The Social Network and too many independent films to count.  We also use a sophisticated system of cranes, dollies, steadicam rigs and even an aerial drone camera to achieve high production value shots that are beautiful and interesting, maintaining the attention of the viewer and creatively carrying the action of the project forward through it’s ultimate message.

Projects are edited on Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, the Cadillac of professional editing software, and can be exported and uploaded to any format, while preserving the quality of the footage.  Our investment in the latest technology and superior quality cameras, results in a highly polished and visually spectacular final product.