LWT & African Travel Video Vision Board

I’ll be compiling videos and ideas here that I would like to incorporate into our video shoot this August in Tanzania & Rwanda.  This “Vision Board” will give us a good creative foundation to work from, so please feel free to share ideas and video’s that I can add here, including what specifically you like about the video’s you share, with timestamp if possible (ie “I love the spot at 2:32 where the leopard leaps from the tree”)

I want this video to engage our audience emotionally, this would be different and more stylish that our other videos and I think it’s the prefect way to capture the subject, what a day on safari is like from wake to sleep.  I want our images to be cinematic and filled with textures and natural sounds with minimal music and no narration.  We are going to use deeper lenses than the wides we normally employ so that our overall look is more narrative than documentary style, I want the viewer to feel the warm breeze on the Serengeti, hear the goway birds and hornbills at sunrise, smell the fresh coffee, taste the exotic fruits and sizzling kudu steaks, feel the cool of the lodge’s pool, the serenity of their balcony overlooking a watering hole.

First the framework for our video:

A Day on Safari Storyboard

What else would you like to see included?

Dawn on the Serengeti, the sounds of birds & creatures awakening.

The crunch and boil of coffee being ground and brewed.  A friendly attendant awakens our guests at their door with a hot cup.

We’re out on safari in the crisp morning air, the animals silhouetted against a pink sky

Our guests have waited a lifetime to experience the wonders of the Great Migration, and now here they are

Africa’s famed Big 5, all checked off our list in one day.  A leopard leaps down from a tree and we transition to…

Splash!  Our guest dives into the pool at the beautiful game lodge.  A moment to relax and enjoy the view, a delicious lunch, perhaps a massage

We’re out on a walking safari now, thrilled to be on foot with the animals and learning hands-on from our guide

A dusty hand reaches out and takes our guests hand to welcome them into a Masai village.  Smiles as two cultures intertwine, they hold hands and dance, faces are delicately painted with traditional designs

The roaring flame of a hot air balloon as our guests step aboard their basket for an amazing birdseye view of the great migration

The flame of the hot air balloon becomes the flame in a lantern in the dark, as our guests arrive to a surprise bush dinner in a sheltered grove of trees lined with lanterns.  Exotic meats sizzle and wine flows freely, someone raises a toast.

Glasses clink together, we’re back at the lodge as our guests share laughs and safari tales with new friends.  A bit of stargazing as our guest falls back into a pillow

Falling into a luxurious bed now, our guests settle in for a good nights rest, ready to do it all again tomorrow

A Cinematic Experience

I find my clients are most attracted to safari by the movies they have seen like Out of Africa, and traveling there is like stepping into a movie for them, so I want to appeal to that.  I want them to imagine themselves as the star of their own movie.  To do that, not only do I need to really capture the textures and sounds, but I need to capture the romance of authentic African Culture, and our clients connecting with the people.  To that end, I need your help arranging events like that if they are not already included.  I’m sure we are visiting a Masai village, and will probably see some traditional dancing before dinner, but I need something a little more intimate like some traditional face painting, or a blessing etc.  For example, in India we were given a simple blessing by a Hindu Priest but it was very meaningful and we were able to capture the closeup of the crushed red powder and the priest’s thumb dipping into it, applying it to the forehead, the smiles and connection and love between them.  Anything like that you guys have in mind, anything connecting our travelers to the African people, we should do our best to be sure things like that are included for our group.

Below are 3 videos I am taking inspiration from for this project:

I love this video and I want this to be our model.  Our video’s theme will be quite different, but I love the cinematic images, the sound mixing and how the music fades in at the right points to carry the story forward.  Ours will be a little less pensive and without the Calvin Klein voice over obviously, and with music that is more inspiring and uplifting, but I want to capture a lot of deep focus shots like this, lots of textures and sounds that hint at the experience but leave the viewer to fill in some

This is one of my favorite videos ever, and we’ve used it as inspiration for the “cuisine” portion for many of our videos.  Again, deep focus, textures, creative and whimsical shots.  I’d like to connect with the hotel manager at our lodges and get access to the chef in the kitchen to setup a few shots.

Similar to Watchtower of Turkey, I love the simple sound mixing and cinematic imagery of these videos.  It’s a sort of minimalism that says so much to me as a viewer, I’m transported into the environment but I can fill in the blanks with my own story.